JazzTales combines the spoken word and music to create a new radio theater of the mind. Through the use of specific subject matter in poetry and other spoken word forms and song lyrics as well as music that serves as a soundtrack and center of attention we are able to create “Tales”.

Your imagination leads the way as we approach different themes to invoke the art of storytelling with an old media (radio) in a new way.
As you listen to each show you’ll notice we don’t back announce the words and music during the course of the program. We do this to achieve a mood or more specifically to create a story. Certainly we could have a narrator just tell the story with a musical soundtrack but we have found the way we approach storytelling to be not only more interesting  - but riveting.
In these days of short attention spans and sound bytes we are certainly flying in the face of more traditional radio entertainment, but then that’s why we find people listen to the whole show instead of a song or two before tuning out. You want to know how it ends or what’s next and what we are trying to say.
Our storytellers are collectively “The Coyote Poets of the Universe”, a band of truly unique individuals.  While they have no agenda to return poetry and song to their rightful place as important elements in storytelling, that is how we choose to tell our Tales.  In movies and television you have state of the art special effects to visually tell the story.  We have chosen to use your imagination, spurred on by words and music, to create these truly unique visions.

Welcome to JazzTales - the new radio theater of the mind!!!