Play Lists For 2009 To Present
                        New shows have the JazzTales theme opening and closing.
                 The theme song is 'Martian Sunset', by Coyote Poets Of The Universe,
                                  from the CD 'Coyote Poets Of The Universe'. 
A Train, A Banjo, and a Chicken Wing
Are You Experienced?
Blue Murder
Callin' You Home
Sitting In The Dark
Sunglasses A La Mode
The Jungle Line
Weird Nightmare
You Won't Forget Me
Rock This Calling
Edith And The Kingpin
Tell Our Daughters
A Walrus In Strawberry Fields - 2012 Mix
Occupy Election Day - 2012
Baille Mundo - 2012 Mix 
Women On The Edge
The Adventures of Don Juan's Reckless Daughter - 2013 Mix
After The Trane  - A Tribute to John Coltrane - 2013 Mix
Heavy Water - 2013 Mix