'All Day, All Night –
                                    Caught In the Web Of Fame'
 Scott Richardson – ‘Opening Sequence’ , from ‘Tornado Souvenirs’ on  NewAlliance
 Coyote Poets of the Universe - 'Blue Murder', from 'Movin' To The Moment' on Square Shaped Records
 Cyrus Chestnut  - ‘Cerebral Thoughts’ ,  from ‘Soul Food’  on Atlantic
 Luke Stokes – ‘Napalm the Sky’ , from ‘What’s The Word,Vol. 1’  on Deezal 
Carmen Lundy – ‘All Day, All Night’ , from ‘This Is Carmen Lundy’ on Justin Time
Scott Richardson – ‘The Hills Of Eternity’ , from ‘Tornado Souvenirs’ on New Alliance
Mike Miller – ‘Beatnik’  ,  from ‘Save The Moon’ on Marsis  Jazz
Little Annie – ‘Without Doubt’  , from ‘What’s The Word, Vol. 1’  on Deezal
United Future Organization with Dee Dee Bridgewater  - ‘Flying Saucer’ , from ‘’Bon Voyage’ on
 ACT 3
George Koller – ‘Introduction’  , from ‘Word Up’  on Virgin Canada
Reg E. Gaines – ‘Everybody’ , from ‘Word Up’ on Virgin Canada
Nancy Dembowski –‘Sweets’ , from ‘Word Up’ on Virgin Canada
DisJam – ‘Wake Up’ , from ‘This Is Acid Jazz:The Spoken Word’ on Instinct
Tommy Swerdlow – ‘Payphone’  , from ‘Prisoner Of The Gifted Sleep’  on NewAlliance
Carmen Lundy – ‘One More River To Cross’ , from ‘This Is Carmen Lundy’ on Justin Time