ACT 1
Lawrence Ferlinghetti  - 'Autobiography', from 'A Coney Island Of The Mind'   on Ryko Voices
Milton Nascimento   - 'Courage', from  'Courage' on CTI
Weather Report  -  'Unknown Soldier', from  'I Sing The Body Electric' on Columbia 
Cassandra Wilson  -  'When The Sun Goes Down', from  'Traveling Miles' on Blue Note
 Sekou Sundiata  -  'Bombs From Bullshit  / 15 Bullets, 15 Dead 20 Wounded  / The Blue Oneness Of Dreams'  ,  from 'The Blue Oneness Of Dreams ' on Mouth Almighty
 Michael Occhipinti  -  'Lovers In A Dangerous Time', from 'Creation Dream' on  True North
 ACT 3
 Andy O'Leary - 'Terrorism Blues'   **
 The Last Poets -'Hold Fast', from 'Oh My People' on Celluloid
 Coyote Poets of the Universe  -  ' Martian Sunset ', from 'Coyote Poets of the Universe' on Square Shaped
 W. S. Merwin - 'A River Of Bees', from 'In Their Own Voices - A Century of Recorded Poetry' on Rhino WordBeat 
** Copyright, Andy O'Leary, music by Coyote Poets of the Universe