'Crossroads -A Jazz History'

 ACT  1
   The Lou Malandra Trio - 'Out of Our Silence', from 'Out of Our Silence' on ALM    
   Donald Brown   - 'The Power of the Drums', from 'Cause and Effect' on Muse
   Branford Marsalis - 'Berta,Berta', from 'I Heard You Twice the First Time' on Columbia
   Sterling A. Brown  - 'Ma Rainey', from 'The Poetry of Sterling A. Brown' on   Smithsonian/Folkways
  ACT  2
   The Last Poets - 'Bird's Word', from 'Chastisement & Freedom Express' on MIL 
   Kamau Daa'ood  - 'The Men', from 'Leimert Park' on MAMA   
   John Coltrane - 'Iris', from 'Stellar Regions' on Impulse 
  ACT  3
    Duke Ellington - 'The Swingers Get the Blues, Too', from 'Blues in Orbit'  on Columbia  
    Jack Kerouac - 'Fantasy: The Early History of Bop', from 'On The Beat Generation' on Rhino Wordbeat
    (background music mix  - Gary Hoover) 
    Three Bips and A Bop, Featuring Babs Gonzales - 'Professor Bop', from 'The Beat Generation, Volume 3' on Rhino Wordbeat
  ACT 4
  Gerry Mulligan Quartet  -  'Swinghouse', from 'The Beat Generation, Volume 3' on Rhino Wordbeat  
  Andy O'Leary -  'Crossroads', from 'Jazz Tales at the Mercury Café' 
  The Clayton Brothers -  'There Is Music Where You're Going My Friends ', from 'Expressions' on Quest/WarnerBros.