'Four Other Poets'
         ROUND 1  - 
            John Sinclair & Ed Moss - 'Bloomdido / Bird Droppings'
           Ben Sidran - 'On Duende'
           Sarah Webster Fabio - ' Sweet Songs'
           Luciana Souza - 'Sonnet'
         ROUND 2 -
           John Sinclair & Ed Moss - 'In Walked Bud / Schoenberg on Death Row'
           Ben Sidran - 'Poet in New York'
           Luciana Souza - 'Insomnia'
           Sarah Webster Fabio - 'Still, A Red Hot Axe'
         ROUND 3 - 
            Luciana Souza - 'Argument'
            John Sinclair & Ed Moss - 'Friday the 13th / A Doleful Tear'
            Sarah Webster Fabio - 'The Hand That Rocks'
            Ben Sidran - 'For Margarita Xirgu'       
     John Sinclair & Ed Moss - 'If I Could Be With You' on Schoolkids' Records
     Sarah Webster Fabio - 'Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues' on Ace Records Ltd.
     Ben Sidran - 'The Concert for Garcia Lorca' on GoJazz Records
     Luciana Souza - The Poems of Elizabeth Bishop and Other Songs' on Sunnyside Records