'Imaginary Kerouac'
  ACT 1  
   Morphine - 'Kerouac' , from 'Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness'  on  Ryko Voices
   Bill Laswell - 'Habana Transmission #1 - Avisale a la Vecina Dub', from 'Imaginary Cuba' on  BMS
   Jack Kerouac **
   Cuban Roots  - 'Just Another Guajira'  , from 'Cuban Roots Revisited'  on  Cubop
   Bill Laswell - 'Guerillera Heroico (El Che Viva!)', from 'Imaginary Cuba' on BMS 
   ACT 2    
    Bill Laswell - 'Habana Transmission #2 - Cuban Evolution' , from  'Imaginary Cuba'  on BMS
    Jack Kerouac **
    Paquito D'Rivera - 'Serenata' , from 'Tico Tico'  on   Chesky
    Jack Kerouac **
    Willie Bobo  - 'Trinidad' , from 'Latino Blue'  on Blue Note                                                                                           
   ACT 3
    Bill Laswell  - 'Habana Transmission #3 - Shango Sound Scan' , from  'Imaginary Cuba'  on BMS
    Candido -  'Toccata', from 'Latino Blue'  on Blue Note   
    Jack Kerouac **
    Paquito D'Rivera - 'Three Venezuelan Waltzes - Valse Criollo, El Mardino, Carola', from 'Tico Tico'  on Chesky
    Jack Kerouac **
    Bill Laswell  - 'Chaos In The Heat (Last Transmission)' , from 'Imaginary Cuba'  on BMS 
  ** Jack Kerouac - Excerpted from 'On The Road (Jazz of the Beat Generation)' ,  from 'Jack Kerouac Reads On The Road' , on Ryko Voices .
  Haikus from 'Blues and Haikus' on Rhino Wordbeat
  Kerouac Music by Coyote Poets Of The Universe unless noted.