‘Independence Day’
 ACT 1 -
George Adams - 'America the Beautiful',    from 'America' on Somethin'Else 
Michael McClure/Ray Manzerick - 'Action Philosophy',  from 'Love Lion' on Shanache  
Victor Jones - 'Medal',   from 'Visible Sound Groove' on OneVoice  
Thylias Moss - 'Green Light/Gamma Ways'  ,   from 'United States of Poetry' on Mercury 
Leonard Cohen - 'Democracy',   from 'United States of Poetry' on Mercury 
United Future Organization - 'My Foolish Dream',   from 'Talkin Loud' on Verve
 ACT 2 -
 Sterling A. Brown - 'Old King Cotton',   from 'Poetry of Sterling A. Brown' on Smithsonian Folkways 
Charles Mingus - 'Freedom',     from 'Epitaph' on Columbia 
Donald Brown - 'A Free Man',  from 'Cause and Effect' on Muse
Ken Nordine - 'Flesh' ,   from 'Colors' on Asphodel
 ACT 3 -
Bill Bohling - 'Grocery Story'     over
     A One - 'Up There',    from 'Acid Jazz Test, Pt4' on Moonshine
Jane Cortez and the Firespitters - 'Global Inequalities',  from 'Takin the Blues Back Home' on Verve 
Goin Public - 'Kennedy's Dream',   from 'Goin Public' on FourWinds
Lord Buckley – ‘Gettysburg Address’, from ‘His Royal Hipness’ on Discovery
Andy O'Leary - '4th of July'    over
     Pat Metheny - 'We Live Here',  from 'We Live Here' on Geffen
 George Adams - 'Have You Thanked America',  from 'America' on Somethin'Else