ACT 1 
   Amiri Baraka - 'Shazam Doowah',    from 'In Their Own Voices, A Century of  Recorded Poetry on Rhino Wordbeat         
   Marc Copeland - 'Three Wise Men',  from 'The Antidote' on Arabesque Jazz  
   Donnie L. Betts - Scene 1 
   Yada Yada - 'Summer's End' ,  from 'After Hours 4' on Instinct 
   Randy Weston - 'Little Niles',   from 'Tanjah' on Polydor
   Donnie L. Betts - Scene 2  
   Kamau Daaood - 'Ancestral Echos' ,  from 'Leimert Park' on MAMA 
   Donnie L. Betts - Scene 3  
   Ruth A - 'The Black Family Pledge' by Maya Angelou 
   Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders - 'Moussa Berkiyo/Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh' ,  from 'The Trance of Seven Colors' on Axiom 
  ACT 2 
   Amiri Baraka - 'Rhythm Blues',  from 'In Their Own Voices, A Century of   Recorded Poetry on Rhino Wordbeat
   Jhno - 'Jung ',   from 'After Hours 4' on Instinct
   Eric Gould - Stolen Legacy',   from 'On The Real' on Umoja Productions  
   Hugo Jon Sayles - 'The Principles' 
   Marschmellows - Waterfront',   from 'After Hours 4' on  Instinct
   Billy Taylor - 'On This Lean Mean Street',   from 'Homage' on GRP 
   Mr. Electric Triangle - 'Serene' ,     from 'After Hours 4' on Instinct

  ACT 3 
   Derf Reklaw - 'Sunrise On The Nile' (sampled),  from 'From The Nile' on  Ubiquity Jazz
   Jeffry W. Nicholson - 'Imani' 
   Alice Coltrane - 'Journey In Satchidananda', from 'Journey In Satchidananda' on Impulse
   Art Ensemble Of Chicago - 'Odwalla Theme',  from 'Coming Home Jamaica' on Atlantic
   Donnie L. Betts - Scene 4        
   Kenny Burrell - 'Love Is The Answer', from 'Love Is The Answer' on Concord