'Mother's Day'
     (Note - this show has been revised, no longer run)
         ACT 1 
     Luciana Souza  - 'Sonnet' , from 'The Poems Of Elizabeth Bishop and Other Poems'  on Sunnyside    
     Besmilr  Brigham - 'Tell Our Daughters' , from  'The United States Of Poetry'  on  Mouth-Almighty 
     Weather Report  - 'Scarlet Woman', from 'Mysterious Traveler' on  Columbia
     Sekou Sundiata  -   'Not The Heat', from 'Longstoryshort'  on Righteous Babe Records
     Kurt Elling  - 'Time Of The Season', from  'The Messenger'  on Blue Note
        ACT 2 
     Kamau Daa'ood   - 'Her', from 'Leimert Park'  on  MAMA
     Dianne Reeves   -   'In Your Eyes', from 'Bridges'  on Blue Note
     Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters  -  'Bumblebee, You Saw Big Mamma', from 'Taking The Blues Back Home'   on Verve  
     Langston Hughes  -  'Mother To Son', from  'The Voice Of Langston Hughes'  on Smithsonian Folkways  
     Meri Nana-Ama Danquah   - 'Prayer Demands Ten Fingers' , from  'Jazzspeak - A Word Collection' ,  on New Alliance
     Oregon - 'Over Your Shoulder' ,  from  'Northwest  Passage'   on Intuition  
       ACT 3
      Luciana Souza   -   'Sonnet (reprise)' ,  from 'The  Poems Of Elizabeth Bishop and Other Poems'  on Sunnyside  
     Jose Martinez  - 'Velvet Kennedys'
     Mary LaRose and LedHead   - 'Walking Woman', from  'Walking Woman'  on GM 
     Freddy Cole  -  'You're Sensational',  from  'Merry Go Round'  on  Telarc 
     Andy O'Leary-  'Clothesline'
     Pat Metheny  - 'Forgiving'  ,  from 'A Map Of The World'  on WB