'Postcards From A Square Shaped State, #2'
                          All Colorado poets and musicians
        ACT 1
 Bill Bohling  - 'Grocery Story'
 Rob Mullins Band - 'Red Shoes', from 'Red Shoes' on Flying Piano Productions  
 Janet Kenning -  'For My Congressman' 
 Johnny Vidacovich  - 'Watch the Mountains Grow', from Denise Mangiardi  - 'River of My Own' on CHP  
 Denise Mangiardi  - 'The Keeper',   from 'River of My Own' on CHP
Christine Hume -  'Various Readings of an Illegible Postcard' 
 James Van Buren  - 'El Chapultepec Shuffle'.   From 'The Jazzy Side of James Van Buren' on Van Buren  
       ACT 2
 Kathy Winograd - 'Donut Man'
 Lannie Garrett - 'Chances Are', from 'Just For A Thrill', on Minerva
 Aaron Abeyta  - 'Poem in C Minor' -
 Fred Hess/Boulder Creative Music Ensemble - 'Temenos', from 'Between the Lines' on Tapestry
 Keith Oxman - 'Wendy Walkin', from 'A Little Taste' on Capri   
 Katy Kingston - 'Changes'
 Jose Martinez - 'Free Banking'      
 The Jon Parker Trio - '10:00 AM', from 'One Way' on DDD  
         ACT 3
 Janet Kenning - 'Where You Live In Winter'
 Erin Malone - 'After Winter'  -
 Ron Miles  -  'Naked', from 'My Cruel Heart' on Grammavision 
 Johnny Smith Quintet - 'Jaguar', from 'Moonlight in Vermont' on Roulette 
 Christine Hume - 'Idea For An Echo'
 Dianne Reeves -'The Nearness of You', from 'I Remember' on Blue Note  
 Katy Kingston - 'Desire'
 The Darrell Grant Quintet - 'Rebop', from 'The New Bop' on Steeple Chase 
 Jose Martinez - 'Tireless Home' 
 Bill Frisell - 'Girl Asks Boy', from 'Gone Like A Train' on Elektra Nonesuch