'The Dream'
            A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King
             ACT  1   - Preamble  - I Too Am America
     World Saxophone Quartet with Fontella Bass  -  'Breath Of Life' ,   from 'Breath of Life'   on  Electra Nonsuch
     The Last Poets  - ' What Will You Do?'  , from ' Oh, My People',  on  Celluloid Records
     Langston Hughes  - 'I, Too',  from  'Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like  The Rivers: Black Poets Read Their Work'   on Rhino WordBeat  
     Kevin Mahogany  - 'My Dungeon Shook'  , from 'Double Rainbow'  on Enja
     Sterling A. Brown  - 'Strong Men' , from 'Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like The Rivers:Black Poets Read Their Work'  , on  Rhino WordBeat
     Amina Baraka  - 'Peace And Love',  from 'JazzSpeak'  on NewAlliance
              ACT  2   - Scars Beneath Our Skin
     Fontella Bass - 'Talking About Freedom'  ,  from  'Free'   on  Fuel2000     
     Dr. Martin Luther King - 'All, Here, Now' , from  'We Shall Overcome'  on Speechworks
     Max Roach  - 'Praise For A Martyr' ,   from  'Percussion Bitter Sweet'  on  Impulse  
     June Jordan  - 'In Memoriam:Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'   ,  from  'Our Souls Are Deep  Like The River:Black Poets Read Their Work'  on Rhino
     Kamaou Daa'ood  - 'The Men'  , from 'Leimert Park'  om MAMA 
               ACT  3  - Aftermath : March Of Times
     Cannonball Adderly - 'Walk Tall',  from  'Country Preacher' on Blue Note
     Nikki Giovanni  - 'Scrapbooks / Cristo Redentor'  ,  from  'Like A Ripple On The Pond' on Collectable Records
     Dr. Martin Luther King  - 'We Shall Overcome'  , from 'We Shall Overcome'  on Speechworks 
     Blue Mitchell - 'March On Selma',  from 'Down With It' ,  on  Blue Note  
     Mbembe Milton Smith - 'A Poem To Thrill The NAACP, or, A Black Family Moves To The Suburbs'  ,  from 'Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like The  Rivers:Black Poets Read Their Work'  On RhinoWordbeat
     Guru with Ronnie Jordan and Donald Byrd  - 'Time Is Movin' On' , from  'Red Hot and Cool'  on  Impulse