'We're Everywhere'
   ACT 1  
   Bill Bohling  - 'We're Everywhere'  **
   Chanon - 'Jazz Scuffle', from 'Jazz of Boogie Back' on Instinct 
   Geri Allen  - 'Dark Prince',   from 'The Gathering' on Verve 
   Andy O'Leary - 'Anthropology' ## 
   Abbey Lincoln - 'The River',   from 'Who Used To Dance' on Verve
   Don Byron - 'Dodie',   from  'Nu Blaxploitation' on Blue Note
   Naked Lunch  Soundtrack  - 'Naked Lunch',  from 'Naked Lunch Soundtrack' on   Milan  
   Hotel X - 'Snack Time',   from 'Ladders' on SST Records
   ACT 2
  Courtney Pine - 'Tryin' Times',  from  'Underground' on Antilles
  Gary Hoover  - '#4',  from 'A Coney Island  of the Mind' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
   Material - Deliver' ,   from 'Seven Souls'  on Worldly Triloka  
   Kip Hanrahan - 'The Lost Prince' ,  from 'A Thousand Nights and a Night' on AMCL 
    ACT 3
   Bill Bohling - 'Why Bother',   from Frank Zappa's autobiography
   Ed Palermo Big Band - 'King Kong' ,   from 'the ed palermo big band plays the music of frank zappa' on Astor Place  
  Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen - 'Readings from On the Road and Visions of Cody',  from 'Poetry for the Beat Generation' on Rhino Wordbeat 
  Sex Mob - 'Macarena ' ,  from 'Din of Inequity' on Columbia/Knitting Factory
  The Last Poets - ' Funk' ,   from 'Holy Terror' on Rykodisc   
   ** - By Bill Bohling     ##  - By Andy O'Leary