‘Poet – Living In The Crosshairs’
  ACT 1    - 
     B Sharp Jazz Quartet , With Kamau Daa’ood - ‘The Spirit of Jazz Today’, from ‘Searching For The One’ on MAMA  
     Cassandra Wilson – ‘Poet’, from ‘Thunderbird’ on Blue Note 
     Kurt Elling – ‘The Messenger’,  from ‘The Messenger’ on Blue Note  
     Lawrence Ferlinghetti - ‘Away Above A Harborful’, from ‘Pictures Of The Gone World’ on Gallery Six
  ACT 2    -
    Billy Collins – ‘Purity’, from ‘The Best Cigarette’, on D2
     Coyote Poets Of The Universe  - ‘No Reply‘, from ‘Unmistakable Evidence’ on Square Shaped  
     Ken Nordine  - ’A Thousand Dreams’,  from ‘A Transparent Mask’ on Asphodel
     Leni Stern – ‘By The Stars Above’, from ‘Finally The Rain Has Come’ on LSR 
    Ursula Rucker – ‘Humbled’, from ‘Ma’At Mama’ on K7 Records 
  ACT 3 –
    Chromatology – ‘Medicine Man’, from ‘UpSurge’ on Abolition 
    William Shatner – ‘You’ll Have Time’, from ‘Has Been’ on Shout!
    Billy Collins - ‘The Afterlife’, from ‘The Best Cigarette’ D2
    Young Jazz Giants - ‘ YJG’, from ‘Young Jazz Giants’ on Birdman 
    Mark Strand - ‘The Poem’,  from ‘Poetry On Record’ on Shout!
   Andy O’Leary – ‘Disturbance’