Are You Experienced
  Nguyen Le - 'Are You Experienced', from 'Purple - Celebrating Jimi Hendrix' on ACT Music
  Ray Manzarek - 'The Psychedellic Civil War', by Scott Richardson, from 'Tornado Souvenirs' on NewAlliance
  Propellerheads - 'Velvet Pants', from Decksandrumsandrockandroll' on Dreamworks Records
  Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Wild', from 'At The Center' on Thirsty Ear Recordings
  Material w/William Burroughs - 'Words of Advice', from 'Hallucination Engine' on Axiom
  Fareed Haque - 'Deja Vu', from 'Deja Vu' on Blue Note
  Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Want Ads Two', from 'At The Center' on Thirsty Ear Recordings
  Rinde Eckhert - 'Sleep, don't Sleep', from 'Finding My Way Home' on Disk Union
  Billy Collins - 'On Reading In the Morning Paper That Dreams May Only Be Nonsense', from 'Good Poems' on High Bridge
  Coyote Poets of the Universe -'The Wild Trees', from 'Unmistakable Evidence' on Square Shaped Records
  Timothy Leary - 'What Do You Turn On When You Turn On', from 'You Can Be Anyone This Time Around' on Ryko
  Diane Reeves - 'Tomorrow Never Knows', from 'Bob Belden Presents Strawberry Fields' on Blue Note