The Jungle Line

  Ben Sidran - 'Everything is Broken', from 'Different Dylan' on Nardis Music
  Herbie Hancock with Leanord Cohen - 'The Jungle Line', from 'River:The Joni Letters' on Verve
  Leni Stern - 'Richie', from 'Recollection' on LRS
  Jim Cohn - 'Meditation at a Stop Light in the Rain', from 'Unspoken Words', MusEx
  Amiri Baraka - 'In Walked Bud', from 'JazzSpeak' on NewAlliance
  Coyote Poets of the Universe - 'Purgatory Avenue', from 'Unmistakable Evidence' on Square Shaped
  The Sound of Truth - 'Life', from ' JazzHop Revolution' on  Planet Arts/Lindey Editions
  Ursula Rucker - 'Philadelphia Child', from 'Supa Sister' on !K7
  Soul Coughing - 'Casiotone Nation', from 'Ruby Vroom' on Slash/WB
  Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters w/ Ornette Colman - 'No Simple Explanations' from 'Find Your Own Voice' on Bola Press
  Jen Chapin and Stephan Crump - 'Passive People', from 'Open Wide' on Purple Chair Music
  Garrison Keiller - 'The Last Song', from 'Good Poems' on High Bridge
  Coyoe Poets of the Universe - 'Burnt Down', from 'Pandora's Box' on Square Shaped