Sunglasses A La Mode
 Steve Dalachinsky - 'Myth', from 'Phenomina of Interference'  on Hopscotch Records
 Swingel Singers & MJQ - 'Vendome', from 'The Swingle Singers' on Compact Jazz
 Hakim Bey - 'Poetic Terrorism', from 'T.A.Z.' on Axiom
 Coyote Poets Of The Universe - 'Sunglasses A La Mode', from 'Coyote Poets Of The Universe', on Square Shaped
 Jay Clayton - 'Let It Go', by e.e. cummings, from 'The Peace Of Wild Things' on Sunnyside
 Oliver Nelson - 'Butch and Butch', from 'The Blues and the Abstract Truth' on Impulse!
 Steve Dalachinsky and Matthew Shipp - 'Phenomena of Interference', from 'Phenomena of Interference' on Hopscothc Records
 Swingle Singers - 'Adante' - from 'The Swingle Singers' on compact Jazz
 Tom Waits - 'Barcarolle', from 'Alice' on ANTI
 Tom Waits - 'Fawn', from 'Alice' on ANTI
 Charles Bukowski - 'A Radio With Guts', from 'Uncensored' on Caedmon
 Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal - 'Veloce', from 'Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano' on CBS
 Eric Mingus - 'Rubber Soles', from 'Um...Er...Uh...' on Some Records
 Radiohead - 'The National Anthem', from 'Kid' A on EMI
 Steve Dalachinsky and Mathhew Shipp - 'Matter', from 'Phenomena of Interference' on Hopscotch Records
 Swingle Singers - 'Romance Espagnole', from 'The Swingle Singers' on Compact Jazz