Tell Our Daughters -  Mother's Day Show
Jose Martinez - 'Velvet Kennedys'
Bill Frissell - 'Just Like A Woman', from 'Have A Little Faith' on Elecktra
Besmilr Brigham - 'Tell Our Daughters', from 'The United States of Poetry' on MouthAlmighty
Andy O'Leary - 'Starfish Blue Moan'
Beatle Jazz - 'Lady Madonna', from 'All You Need' on LightYear
Kamau Daaood - 'Her', from "Leimert Park' on MAMA
Lawrence Ferlinghetti - 'For All I Know Maybe She Was Happier', from 'Pictures of the Gone World' on Gallery Six
Zap Mama - 'Zap Bebes', from 'Ancestry In Progress' on Luaka Bop
Ursula Rucker - 'Womansong', from 'Supa sista' on !K7
Tribal Jazz - 'Violet Love', from 'Tribaljazz' on Hidden Beach
Andy O'Leary - 'Swimming To Venus'
Zap Mama - 'Lullaby', from 'Ancestry In Progress' on Luaka Bop
Wendell Barry - 'To My Mother', read by Garrison Keillor, from 'Good Poems' on HighBridge
Petra Hayden and Bill Frissell -'The Quiet Room', from 'Petra Hayden and Bill Frissell' on Sovereign Records
Ruth Fainlight - 'Handbag'. read bu Prunella Scales, from 'Seven Ages' on Naxos Audio Boooks
Coyote Poets of the Universe - The Hilltop', from 'Unmistakable Evidence' on Square Shaped
Fareed Haque - 'Our House', from 'Deja Vu' on Blue Note
Andy O'Leary - 'Clothesline'  over
   Pat Metheny - 'Forgiving', from 'A Map Of The World' on WB