'Baile Mundo'


                                                                             2012 Mix



 Latin Playboys - 'Ironsides', from 'Dose' on Atlantic                 

 Dr. Loco's Jalepeno Band - 'Pa'lo Que Vale',  from 'Barrio Ritmos & Blues' on  Dr. Loco Productions

 Aaron Abyeta -  'Zoot Suit Jesus'  over

 Deep Rhumba - 'Negro and Andy Run This Very Night Into The Rumba' , from 'This Night Becomes A Rumba' on American Clave

 Coyote Poets of the Universe - 'Requiem (for Ed Martinez)', from 'Unmistakable Evidence' on Square Shaped

 Luis Rodriguez - 'Tia Chucha', from 'In Their own Words- A Century of Recorded Poetry' on Rhino Wordbeat

 Latin Playboys - 'Latin Trip', from 'Dose' on Atlantic

 Jose Martinez - 'Tireless Home'

 Los Super Seven - 'Un Lunas Por la Manana', from 'Super Seven' on RCA


 Aaron Abeyta - '13 Ways of Looking At A Tortilla'

 Snowboy and the Latin Section - 'What The Hell's Going On', from 'Pit Bull Latin Jazz' on Hollywood   

 Carmen Tafolla - 'Tia Sophia', from 'In Their Own Words - A Century of Recorded Poetry' on Rhino Wordbeat

 Jose Felipe Herrera - 'Logan Heights And The World', frm 'Poetry On Record', on ShoutFactory


 Aaron Abeyta - 'Mixed Metaphor'  over

 Latin Playboys - 'Fiesta Erotica', from 'Dose' on Atlantic

 Yeska  - ' Second Menu', from 'Skafrocuban Jazz' on Aztlan

 Luis Rodriguez - 'The Concrete River', from 'Poetry On Record' on ShoutFactory 

 Manual Ramos  - 'The Ballad of Gato Guerrero - opening chapter', from 'The Ballad of Gata Guerrero' on St. Martin's Press'           over

 Flaco Jimenez - 'Blanca Rosa', from 'San Antonio Soul' on Rounder   and

 Latin Playboys  -' Paletero', from  'Dose' on Atlantic

 Santana - 'Para Los Rumberos', from 'Santana' on Columbia