‘A Walrus In Strawberry Fields‘

                                               2012 Mix



 Andy O’Leary  -  ‘Introduction’ 

 Cassandra Wilson   -    ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ ,   from ‘Bob Belden Presents Strawberry Fields’ 

on Blue Note

  Joan Munson -  ‘I Sat Belonely’   

 Beatlejazz  -  ‘I Am The Walrus’, from  ‘A Bite Of The Apple’   on Zebra Records 

 Kate Makkai – ‘ The Fat Budgie’ 

 Bobby McFerrin  -  ‘From Me To You’ ,  from ‘Spontaneous Inventions’  on Blue Note

 Stan Astrofsky   -  Good Dog Nigel’ 

 Soulive  -  ‘Revolution’  , from  ‘Rubber Soulive’  on P-Vine    



  Kate Makkai  -  Deaf Ted, Danoota, (and me)

 Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood  - ‘Julia’  ,  from ‘Out Louder’   on Indirecto

  Joan Munson  -  The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble’ 

  John Munson   -  The Moldy Moldy Man’ 

  Cassandra Wilson and Diane Reeves -  ‘Come Together’ ,  from  ‘Bob Belden Presents Strawberry Fields,   on Blue Note   

  Jim Bearnath  -  The Famous Five Through Woenow Abbey’ 



   Tony Sciabella -  All Abord Speeching’

   Herbie Hancock – ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ ,   from ‘The Imagine Project’  on Herbie Hancock Records 

   Lennie Chernilla   - ‘Victor Triumphs Again and Mrs. Weatherby Learns A Lesson’

  Wes Montgomery   - ‘A Day In The Life’, from ‘Wes Montgomery:A Day in the Life’ on  A&M Jazz Records 

   Ian  Dougherty -  Cassandle

   Herbie Hancock   -  ‘Imagine’, from ‘The Imagine Project’ on Herbie Hancock Records


All poetry and prose by John Lennon, from ‘In His Own Write’ and ‘A Spaniard In The Works’