'After The Trane'
                                              2013 Mix
 Lori Carson - Bill Laswell  - ‘Nothing’ , from ‘City Of Light’ on Sub Rosa
 Kamau Daa’ood  - ‘Liberator of the Spirit (for John Coltrane)’, from ‘Leimert Park’ on MAMA
 Diane Reeves  - ‘Afro Blue’ , from ‘I Remember’ on Blue  Note
 Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane - ‘Why Was I Born?’, from ‘Kenny Burell and John Coltrane’ on New Jazz 
 Sarah Webster Fabio – ‘Together To The Tune Of Coltrane’s ‘Equinox’’ ,
   from ‘Every One A Testimony – An African American Aural History’ on Smithsonian Folkways
 John Coltrane -'Giant Steps', from 'Giant Steps' on Atlantic
 Karrin Allyson - ‘Naima’, from ‘Ballads – Remembering John Coltrane’ on Concord Jazz
 Michael S. Harper – ‘Dear John, Dear Coltrane’, from ‘In Their Own Voices, A Century Of Recorded Poetry’    on Rhino Wordbeat
 Alice Coltrane – ‘Blue Nile’, from ‘Ptah, The El Daoud’ on Impulse!
 Andy O’Leary  - ‘After The Trane’ **
 John Coltrane  - ‘Tunji’, from ‘Coltrane’ on Impulse!
 Sekou Sundiata – ‘Ear Training’, from ‘The Blue Oneness Of Dreams’ on Mouth Almighty
 Gary Hoover  - ‘Blues For John Coltrane, Dead At 41’  ##
 John Coltrane – ‘After The Rain’, from ‘Impressions’  on Impulse!                              
** Copyright, Andy O’Leary, music by Coyote Poets of the Universe
## from William Mathews, ‘Selected Poems & Translations 1969-1991’,
   Copyright William Mathews, published by Houghton Mifflin Companytext.